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Atlanta Death Midwifery

a holistic approach to Death and Dying

The time of death is not just a medical situation.
It is also a hallowed passage. 

We are here to serve the sacred moments that death brings. We are here to bring comfort to those who are nearing the end of their life. We are here to serve families and communities as they honor their loved ones. We are here to serve as educators. We are here for those who grieve. 
We are here to curate a compassionate and holy space around death. 



Hundreds of years ago a midwife was called for the occasion of souls coming or going. Today we are familiar with birth midwives and doulas, thanks to the brave people who pioneered this return to the ancient ways. Death midwives and doulas work alongside medical professionals and funeral directors. They do not duplicate them. A death midwife is called by those who are nearing the end of life or by the community around the one approaching death. Emotional, mental, and spiritual support is offered. Sometimes this looks like sharing tea and making difficult conversations easier. Sometimes this looks like guided relaxation or meditation, creating memory books for our loved ones, soothing sound therapy, or even sitting in silence together. Death midwives hold the space together in a time when things could seem to be unraveling. We can help organize end of life plans so that there is calmness.  We are often called when Hospice sends one home to die. We arrive and hold space for whatever arises.
We hold space for grief and for memorial.


If you’d like to pursue the calling that is Death Midwifery please contact Narinder Bazen. She offers a one-on-one 3 month training program.


Home Funerals


Atlanta Death Midwifery is committed to reconnecting to our heritage, empowering families to care for their own at death. We offer education and support to communities as they prepare the body of their loved ones for home vigil or burial. We hold the space around the vigil and organize transportation to burial or cremation.

In the state of Georgia the family has the legal right to keep the body of the loved one at home. Many people don't realize this is an option.  We are creating conversations with crematoriums and cemeteries who are willing to work with families who choose Home Funerals.  

Many law enforcement and hospital staff do not know the laws concerning the rights that would allow a Home Funeral because Funeral Homes have been the standard procedure for so long.  A Death Midwife is also an advocate.  We are here to help you plan ahead. 


Loved ones walking through the meadow
to lay their beloved to final rest. 

(Honey Creek Woodlands, Conyers, Georgia)

We sat together and didn't say a word. The room was full of holiness.

We sat together and didn't say a word.
The room was full of holiness.

A peaceful death at home, surrounded
by her family and all of their love.


Atlanta Death Midwifery serves in times when there is no one else to step in and help. We keep things organized and reverent in spaces where sudden loss has left the survived in shock, vulnerable and confused. We are there advocates.

Atlanta Death Midwifery serves in times when there is no one else to step in and help. We keep things organized and reverent in spaces where sudden loss has left the survived in shock, vulnerable and confused. We are there advocates.

Placing ashes under a tree. Final wishes.
(Honey Creek Woodlands, Conyers, Georgia)

We have the conversations where things are put into order.  This order brings peace in a time that brings uncertainty.

We have the conversations where things are put into order.
This order brings peace in a time that brings uncertainty.

To the Spirit
of You

Upon death, Narinder is available through grace to offer Spiritual support through the transition. We uphold that the process of dying doesn’t end with the last heartbeat, but that there is a grand pause after the final breath and that reverent space should be held.  Many traditions honor this phase.  Atlanta Death Midwifery honors any tradition.   
Narinder is gratefully gifted with the ability to still the vibration in the room so that the one dying and their loved ones can find peace as this great transition takes place. She is there to assure the family and friends that all is as it should be when things can seem overwhelmingly unfamiliar.  She touches the heart of everyone present. Narinder is
 there to ensure, if asked, that the spiritual final wishes of the dying are honored.


Who We Are:

Narinder Bazen Khalsa

Narinder Bazen Khalsa

Narinder serves as Death Midwife and Home Funeral Guide. Narinder upholds that  "Death Midwife" is not an “industry.” It is a calling that is impossible to ignore. She has spent many years helping people on their spiritual journey, including serving those who have lost loved ones and those who are nearing their end-of-life.  She has been bedside to those who were would have been alone when they died.  Narinder remains in service to the spirits of those she has served as they began their new journey into the Great Sleep. 
They are forever in her heart. 

Maurice LeCroy

Maurice LeCroy

Maurice serves the community of carers around those who are nearing death as well as assisting with home funerals.  He stands in the 'what is so' of the moment and offers guidance or reflection. His extensive anthropological and psychological studies concerning death, as well as his own lessons with grief, create a vast space for the cultivation of awareness of choice and the preparedness of dying. 

Maurice assists with Home Funeral Guidance and Death Education.

Catherine Adunni

Catherine Adunni

Catherine serves as Death Doula. Catherine was called to do this work in 2009 when she lost a dear friend to cancer who had no one supporting him through his process. It was then she recognized how important it was to hold space for the people you love and felt honored to be of service for the many other "home goings" that came in the future. This calling has blessed her to learn the customs, prayers and songs of many cultures which is a great asset to serving those who have lost loved ones and those making their sacred transition.

She believes there's so much value in holding space and caring for the dying just as much as we care for the living. She devotes most of her time to being of service and learning and preserving the old ways for the future.

Christine Peck

Christine Peck

Christine serves as Reiki practitioner.  

This calling was born from her experiences during Reiki sessions of deep relaxation and lessening of chronic pain. She went on to receive  her own Reiki certification and began to share this healing practice with others.  When Christine is with our clients they find a deep sense of calm. Her presence is special and we are very honored to have her serve those who come to Atlanta Death Midwifery.

Christine also provides Caregiver Respite. With her background in nursing, she is able to step in and give caregivers a chance to rest and to find their strength during what can be a prolonged period of emotional and physical stress.



“Narinder dropped everything to come and be with my mother during her final hours. I called her because something inside of me told me that she needed to be present, even though I wasn't quite sure what a death midwife was exactly. I just knew she needed to be there, that my mother wanted her there. And I can't express enough how invaluable her presence was that evening. And by presence, I do not only mean her physical presence, I also refer to the energetic presence that she brought to my mother's bedside. She helped us to hold space for my mother, who was no longer able to communicate with us. She helped us to understand what she needed. For example, we had no idea that my mother's mouth was so dry, but Narinder just intuitively knew, and as soon as she put the wet sponge on her lips, she bit down on it, so relieved. It was beautiful because this was the only response my mother had given us the entire evening. If it hadn't been for Narinder, we would have never known this. She was not only comforting for my mother, but for the rest of us as well. She was especially understanding of the mixed feelings and emotions we were all experiencing and she met us all on our individual levels. She has a gift of looking into your heart and just knowing what you are needing in that very moment. She stayed with my mother until she passed away at 6:36 am, even though she arrived the previous evening around 8pm. She said she wouldn't leave until my mother crossed over, or until we asked her to. She sang to my mother and comforted her, comforted us. At one point in the evening she even suggested we go to bed, and she advised us that she would awaken us when my mother was ready to let go. When that time finally came, we all sat around my mother's bed. Narinder held her by her feet, held space for her spirit to fly free. I held my mother's hand, we sang to her. I was afraid she was in pain, and that she may be feeling discomfort, but Narinder assured me she was okay. This brought me so much peace, and then my mother let go. Narinder stayed with us until my mother's body was picked up. She even helped us with funeral arrangements and helped prepare my mother's body to be taken away. She was incredibly amazing, and I'll never forget how she treated my mother with so much love and respect. Before and after her death. She handled my mother's body with so much tenderness and care. My mother had the most beautiful transition, and Narinder played a key role in that experience. I will never forget that. I highly recommend Narinder with all of my heart, and would suggest that you call her for your loved ones during their final hours.” - Mara A.


"Narinder has a gift. She is at once kind, compassionate and wise, at the same time thoughtful, practical and task oriented. In every conversation, she exudes calm and instills confidence. She listens carefully and responds gently, always keeping an upbeat tone with a goal of bringing comfort to both the dying and their families. Her intuition is uncanny and her goal is for everyone to find serenity, wherever that might come from. For that she is very accepting of people—she wants to know what they want. She is a great guide and meets people where they are--and wants only that the transition is peaceful. I am very grateful for her help and her presence in our lives.” - Colleen F.


“Not success. Not growth. Not happiness. The cradle of your love of life … is death.” 
― Stephen Jenkinson