Atlanta Death Midwifery

A Holistic & Elegant
Approach to
Death & Dying


Origin Story

Atlanta Death Midwifery was born out of a reverential fascination with the great mysteries and the delicate play between them and death. We came to be when there was obvious need.
There is a space between the sorrows of death and the wonderment of death. We fit in there and hold both up.
American culture has disconnected people from the part of life that death plays. Death Midwives are bringing it home. Many of us don’t know how to be with death and release that care to others.
We hope to inspire sacred pauses among the planning, the nurse visits, the dying. There is never a ‘too late’ time to call a death midwife. We are right here, ready to serve moments of distress and to wait with you for the perspicuity. We are unafraid of this work. We are grateful for this work.


What is Death Midwifery?


From time immemorial, there have been those who serve ‘deathing’ in a community centered way. Death Midwives are gathering this work that was lost and offering it again to their communities. We are redefining our values and manifesting them in our choices about how we wish to experience the final transition in our life and the lives of our loved ones. Now we desire a holistic, sacred, and transformational end-of-life experience .
Exploring and acting upon these values and choices, we become Death Midwifery.