Death Midwifery Journey
(training course)


For centuries, midwives were called to serve when souls were coming and going.” – Shabad Kaur Khalsa

Perhaps you have heard that call and are ready to step forward and serve your community in this way.
And, perhaps you are in need of support and training to help you feel more confident in your calling.

Death Midwives who have completed this course feel confident in their abilities to work alongside hospice staff and funeral directors.  They feel prepared to offer Home Funeral Guidance.  They feel ready to serve at the bedside of the Dying.

Narinder has been teaching this course since September 2017. She has come to really enjoy working with people one-on-one. In this spirit of intimacy she will begin offering this course only twice a year to 6 trainees in each group.

A little bit about this course…

A little bit about this course…

●        This course consists of 7 modules to be completed within 7 months.

●        Training must be paid in full before Module 1 is assigned. The cost is $1,800.00
 There are no refunds.

●        There are four books you will need to purchase that are for required reading.

●        Modules will be shared one at time.  Journeyers will decide how many weeks they will allot to the modules and we will stay close to that schedule. For example, if you decide you will complete Module 1 in 3 weeks, we will stick to 3 weeks for each module.
(I prefer to work with Journeyers who make this course a priority.)

●        The course assignments include: reading, research, listening to podcasts and watching educational videos.

●        Each module includes an average of 8 assignments.

Each assignment has written homework. All homework must be typed out and returned in one pdf.We can discuss this in a phone call if needed.
After your homework has been reviewed I will assign the next module.