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Death midwifery

We are here to bring comfort to those who are nearing the end of their life and serve families and communities as they honor their loved ones. If you or your loved one could use support surrounding death, please complete the contact form and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

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Home Funeral Guidance

Atlanta Death Midwifery is committed to reconnecting to our heritage and empowering families to care for their own at death. We offer education and support to communities as they prepare the body of their loved ones for home vigil or burial. We hold space around the vigil and organize transportation to burial or cremation. 

Home Funerals can be the first step to a healthy grieving process. Often times our loved one’s body is removed quickly from our care. If we allow ourselves this time to pause, to sit with the body, to care for the body, we are given time to gently move through the initial moments of grief.

In the state of Georgia, families have the legal right to keep the body of their loved one at home. Many people, including law enforcement and hospital staff, don't realize this is an option because funeral homes have been the standard procedure for so long. We are creating conversations with funeral directors, crematoriums, and cemeteries who are willing to work with families who choose home funerals.Death Midwives are advocates and help families plan ahead for challenges they may encounter. 

If you are in need of home funeral guidance, please complete the contact form and we will be in touch within 48 hours. 

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Community Education

Atlanta Death Midwifery believes that educating the community about the various options for caring for our loved ones who are dying and honoring death will change the culture surrounding death. We offer community conversations within the metro-Atlanta area. If you are interested in having Atlanta Death Midwifery speak to your community group, please fill out our contact form. We will be in touch within 3 business days. 

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Death Midwifery Journey Course

Narinder offers training and initiation into the lineage of Death Midwives for those who are called to return to this ancient and sacred work. For details about that course please go to her Death Midwifery Journey Course here.

Caregiver Support

Atlanta Death Midwifery honors the experience of caregivers, family, and friends of people who are dying. We are often called to provide support such as Reiki, reflexology, yoga, meditation, prayerful treatment, and guidance. If you or a loved one are in need of such services, please fill out our contact form.