What happens when the Death Midwife visits?


Death Midwives serve as holistic and spiritual companions to dying people and their families. Sometimes this looks like sharing tea and making difficult conversations easier. We may ask questions nobody dares to ask.
People who are dying are empowered when they are seen and known.

Since the beginning of time, women have been called to serve the holy passage of souls coming and going. Today we are familiar with Birth Midwives, thanks to the brave women who pioneered this return to the ancient ways. As such, Death Midwives are seeing a similar revival.

Sometimes Death Midwives intuit the need for a guided relaxation or meditation or a prayer. We may offer soothing sound therapy.
We are always able to sit in silence together.
Our presence brings calmness.

Sometimes we quietly tidy the kitchen and make fresh coffee for the caregivers. Sometimes we act as a liaison between the caregiver and funeral home.

Sometimes we assist families with end-of-life plans and provide home funeral guidance for those who wish to hold vigil in their home instead of in a funeral home. Sometimes we are called to help this conversation begin in a home where end-of-life plans haven’t been discussed.

We are often called when hospice sends a person home to die. We are called when the one dying has a limited support system. We work alongside medical professionals and funeral directors. We do not duplicate their efforts. We fill in the gaps. We honor the body’s wholeness, no matter how strong or weak it is.

We sit with the hard working people in the Death Industry: Funeral Directors, Palliative Care Therapists, Cemetery Stewards, and Hospice Nurses. We offer them therapeutic support.

We uphold that the process of dying doesn’t end with the last heartbeat, but that there is a grand pause after the final breath and a holy space should be held.  Many traditions honor this phase.  Atlanta Death Midwifery serves any tradition, spirituality, or non-religion.